Roll Play: An Improvised Adventure

August 2–25

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ROLL PLAY is a live, interactive, fully-improvised love letter to tabletop RPGs and the fantasy genre. Join our valiant heroes on a hilarious never-before-seen quest, determined entirely by audience suggestions and rolls of the dice. Write spells for the Wizard, enchant the Fighter’s sword, even give divine guidance to the Cleric– Every show is a brand new adventure!

🎂 Celebrating someone’s birthday, anniversary, or ascension to the throne? Let us know, and they’ll be part of the show! Contact us at or on Facebook or Instagram, and we’ll help make your event a critical success!

Special Shows – Coming Soon!

Review Quotes

“I FINALLY saw this show last night and I cannot say enough good things about it. I don’t know anything about D&D and yet the format was so accessible. Also there are a TON of ways the audience can weigh in on what happens. This is a full, rich show worth every penny. See it if the tickets aren’t already snatched up by its legion of devoted fans!!”

- Olivia R.

“Went on a whim as a lover of D&D and theater, and wow. I was amazed by how funny this was! Really well moderated (nice work, DM Josh!), and some truly hilarious moments. Definitely recommending it to friends, and we will be back!”

- Sandra R.

"Very charming and entertaining theater! I attended the Roll Play show, which follows the format of a magical DnD game. I’ve never played before and it’s easy to follow the show. The cast is amazing! Super sharp, witty, entertaining, and endearing. The theater has a variety of shows which I look forward to seeing!"

- Marissa S.

Production Photos

“Roll Play” Logo Design by Shaun Kreider

Photography by Wide Eyed Studios